The association Ride Eat Sleep & Share in partnership with Across and Beyond Endurance AG organises Ultra Distance cycling events, including the exclusive organisation of RACE ACROSS FRANCE®.

The RACE ACROSS FRANCE® event is a semi-autonomous Ultra Distance cycling event organised by the “Ride Eat Sleep & Share” association in partnership with Across and Beyond Endurance AG, offering 4 distances known as Unassisted and 2 known as Assisted. The event takes place in a single stage, passing through checkpoints, on an open road, in solo, duo, quartet or octet and in a limited time.

Participation in the Ride Eat Sleep & Share association events implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these rules, the ethical charter and any instructions sent by the organiser to the participants.

RACE ACROSS FRANCE® is an event which offers 4 distances on the roads of 19 departments. Each event takes place in a single stage, at a free pace, on open roads in a limited time.
> Distance of 300 Kilometers (approx.): about 6,000 meters of positive altitude difference, starting from a Mormoiron near the Ventoux summit and finishing in Mandelieu-La Napoule. It is possible to start this distance without assistance, alone or in teams of 2 or 4.
> Distance of 500 Kilometers (approximately): about 8,000 meters of positive altitude difference, starting from a town in the Vercors and finishing in Mandelieu-La Napoule. It is possible to start this distance without assistance, alone or in teams of 2 or 4.
> Distance of 1000 Kilometers (approx.): for about 23000 meters of positive altitude difference, starting from a town in Haute Savoie and finishing in Mandelieu-La Napoule. It is possible to start this distance with or without assistance, alone or in teams of 2 or 4.
> Distance of 2500 Kilometers (approx.): for about 33000 meters of positive altitude difference, starting from Le Touquet Paris Plage and finishing in Mandelieu-La Napoule. It is possible to take part in this distance with or without assistance, alone or in teams of 2, 4 or 8.
The principle of individual racing in semi-autonomy is the rule.
Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two “bases of life”, both in terms of food and clothing and safety equipment, allowing in particular to adapt to problems encountered, both foreseeable and unforeseeable. Assistance is only tolerated at the checkpoints set up by the organisation. It is strictly forbidden at any other point on the course, on pain of immediate disqualification.
For the Unassisted category called Bikepacking, this implies the following rules:
1. No accompaniment is allowed throughout the course
2. Each rider must be completely autonomous for the duration of the race.
3. The check points are supplied with food and drink to be consumed on site. The organisation will only provide still water, tea and coffee, fruit and food from a partner’s donation.
4. No other assistance is permitted at any point on the course.
5. It is forbidden to be accompanied or to accept to be accompanied during all or part of the race, outside the tolerance zones clearly indicated by the organisation, i.e. the life bases.
6. 6. Taking advantage of a runner’s drafting is prohibited for participants in all categories. Anyone suspected of drafting another rider and vice versa will cause the disqualification of both riders. Drafting is however tolerated for riders competing in the “Duo” and “Quartet” categories.
7. Any group formed of more than two people at any time during the event will be excluded from the race if it lasts more than 30 minutes.
8. The participant shall obtain food (solid and liquid) and equipment from the shops available on the course.
9. The participant will sleep either in a hotel, in a home stay or in a bivouac, respecting local rules.
Nota bene: A participant who accepts to be filmed without accreditation by the organisation and therefore, accompanied, outside the expressly designated areas, contravenes the principle of semi-autonomy. Any participant wishing to be filmed must inform the organisation at least 30 days before the start and request accreditation for the production team so that it can be identified.
The race regulators who witness irregularities are entitled to penalise participants in order to guarantee the spirit of the Ride Eat Sleep & Share events.
Only riders wearing a visible and duly checked helmet and frame number have access to the refreshment posts.

For the With Assistance category, this implies the following rules:
1. The participant must be followed by a vehicle throughout the day and night and for the duration of the event
2. The participant also has access to the check points (life bases)
3. The support team must consist of at least 2 people for the 1000km and 4 people for the 2500km
4. The assistance car can jump around to avoid disturbing the traffic during the day but must stay behind the rider at night.

– Cutting the course > At the discretion of the race management
– Absence of compulsory safety equipment (helmet: front and rear lights in working order, no survival blanket, no visibility waistcoat) > Disqualification
– Absence from the pre-race meeting on Friday 23/7 > 1 hour penalty
– Incomplete file on 15/5/2022 > Disqualification
– Assistance vehicles and drivers not registered > Penalty 6 hours
– Unregistered media vehicles > 6 hours penalty
– Throwing of rubbish (voluntary act) by a competitor or a member of his team > Penalty 4 hours
– Non-respect of persons (organisation or riders) /Note bene: a participant whose supporters show incivility and/or refuse to respect the organiser’s instructions will be penalised. > Disqualification
– Non-assistance to a person in difficulty (requiring assistance) > Disqualification
– Cheating Category 1: Using a bike not declared to the organisation, riding while drafting or being drafted > 3 hours penalty
– Category 2 Cheat: Hanging on to a moving vehicle / Unauthorised assistance / Riding in the draft of a vehicle > Disqualification
– Category 3 cheating: Use of a means of transport, sharing a number, hanging on to a moving vehicle > Immediate and lifetime disqualification
– Lack of a visible frame plate, visible number in the bikepacking category > Penalty of 2 hours
– Failure to respect the highway code > 4 hour penalty
– Absence of GPS beacon > According to the decision of the race direction
– Refusal to obey an order from race management, a regulator or patrol officer, a station chief, a doctor or a first-aider > Disqualification
– Refusal to take a doping control > Immediate and lifetime disqualification
– Passing or leaving a checkpoint after the time limit > Disqualification
– Use of equipment not carried/signed for at the start of the race > 6 hour penalty
– Discharge of waste water from a camper van in an unauthorised place > 6 hours penalty
The organiser may, before, during and after the event, check compliance with these regulations and immediately apply the following penalties at his discretion
(*) Time penalties are applicable once the rider has crossed the line but he/she will be informed of the decision of the race direction.
(**) Disqualifying penalties are applicable immediately and the rider will be informed as soon as the decision is taken by the race direction.
Any other breach of the rules will be subject to a penalty decided by the race direction.

Except in the case of injury, a rider must not abandon the race other than at a “base of life”. He must then inform the person in charge of the base, or report his withdrawal to Race HQ.
In the event of a decision to abandon between 2 checkpoints, the runner must go to the nearest checkpoint where he reports his abandonment by his own means.
The runner keeps his race number as it is his pass to access the “life bases”.
In case of withdrawal, the participant must inform the organiser by any means and return the equipment loaned (GPS tracker) at the participant’s expense, either to the organiser’s address, or to our GPS partner, or to the organisation directly at one of the “bases of life” or “arrival base”.
In the event of non-return, the participant will be invoiced directly by the GPS partner of the event for the amount of 350 euros (all taxes included). By accepting the present rules when signing up, the provider will invoice the person concerned directly.
All complaints must be made by email, within 10 days of the end of the event.

The maximum times of the events are also the time barrier for those who continue over a longer distance, are set at :
– 300 kilometres: 24 hours
– 500 kilometres: 40 hours
– 1100 kilometres: 120 hours
– 2500 kilometres: 240 hours
The maximum time allowed is calculated according to the participant’s start time.
Even if the conditions of access to the events organised by the Ride Eat Sleep & Share association are based on past performances, it may happen that participants are not able to participate in the event.

The time barriers have been set up and are calculated as accurately as possible according to the time limit for each event.
They are calculated to enable participants to reach the finish within the time limit, while allowing for possible stops (rest, meal, etc.).
If a competitor passes after the limit indicated above on a base of life, (his start + xx H) the race management team will contact the runner to announce its decision.
Any competitor who is out of the race and wishes to continue his route freely will only be able to do so after having informed the race headquarters, under his own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

> Checkpoint 1
> Checkpoint 2
> Checkpoint 3
> Checkpoint 4
> Checkpoint 5
Announcement on 01/04/2022

The RACE ACROSS FRANCE® event, which starts in Le Touquet Paris Plage, consists in going from Mandelieu to La Napoule on a compulsory course, on a road open to traffic and common to all participants.
Several “life bases” are spread out along the course and serve as refreshment points. In case of malfunction of the GPS tracker provided by the organisation, all material evidence (receipt) and immaterial evidence (photos, videos) will be studied by the organisation to validate the respect of the rules or not, leading to disqualification.
The route through landscapes and panoramas, each as sumptuous as the next, will allow you to discover our regions and departments in depth.
You will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of the champions in the mythical and legendary passes and to pass by the highest cycling summit in Europe at 2764 m altitude, the Iseran pass
The route open to traffic is common to all categories. There are checkpoints along the route, so that those who wish to do so can come and cheer on the real heroes. You have the choice of participating in the Race Across France with or without an assistance team to take care of your food, sleep and health, or you can choose to participate in a relay race in teams of 2, 4 or 8 with your friends, teammates or colleagues.
The course is not signposted but the route will be made available to participants as a GPX link.

Each participant is offered the possibility to leave a bag of maximum 20 litres at the “life bases” where he/she is supposed to leave it.
After having filled it with the items of his choice and closed it, he can deposit it at the reception base of his departure town before his departure.
The organisation provides the labelling for better routing.
This bag is transported and distributed by the organisation to the “living bases” so that the participant can collect it on arrival.
When arriving at a base camp, each participant will have the possibility to pick up his bag himself in a place provided for this purpose. When they leave the “base of life”, they deposit their bag in the place provided for this purpose. The bag is then brought back to the participant’s place of arrival by the organisation.
How many lightweight bags for what distance?
– 300 K > No dropbag
– 500 K > No dropbag
– 1000 K > 1 dropbag
– 2500 K > 2 dropbags

The bags are given either to the competitor or to relatives, exclusively on presentation of the race number. The bags must be collected at the latest 1 hour after the end of the race. After this time, the runner will have to come and collect his bag himself, at his own expense, from the finish base in Mandelieu-La Napoule or from the association’s headquarters.
The organisation will ensure the repatriation of the bags of runners who have abandoned the race, provided that their abandonment has been registered.
The repatriation period depends on logistical constraints and the organisation cannot guarantee a complete repatriation of the bags before the end of the race.
As the contents of the bags are not checked, no dispute over the contents on arrival is admissible. It is recommended not to place valuables in the bags.

It is the responsibility of a rider in difficulty or seriously injured to call for help:
– By calling the race headquarters (number on the frame plate)
– By asking another rider to call for help
– By using the SOS function on his GPS beacon
Each rider must assist any person in danger and call for help.
Samu – 15
Police Emergency – 17
Fire brigade – 18
General – 112 or 911
Do not forget that hazards of all kinds link to the environment and the race, can make you wait longer than expected for help. Your safety will then depend on the quality of what you have put in your bag.
All the regulators and members of the organisation are authorised to :
– to withdraw from the race any competitor deemed unfit to continue the event
– to evacuate by any means the runners they judge to be in danger.
– to direct patients to the most appropriate care structure
A rider who calls on a doctor or first-aid attendant submits to his authority and undertakes to accept his decisions.
As soon as a rider’s state of health justifies treatment by means of an intravenous infusion, he shall be disqualified from the race.
Any runner who voluntarily strays from the course is no longer under the responsibility of the organisation.

The races are open to any person, male or female, 18 years old, licensed or not.
Registration is exclusively on the internet via the website and payment is secured by credit card.
The registration will be considered complete and will be validated as soon as it includes the following elements for each runner:
1. Provide a specific medical certificate or sports license of the current year. It must be submitted on the runner’s space before May 15th 2022 (the organisation does not accept medical certificates sent by email or by post). Attention: All medical certificates must be provided in French. We therefore strongly advise participants to use our official medical certificate form (which already includes the translation). Any untranslated certificate will be refused.
2. Have paid your registration fee.
If the medical certificate is not received by this date, the registration will be cancelled without refund.
No race number will be allocated without the medical certificate, even if all the additional actions to the registration are completed.

RACE ACROSS FRANCE® is open to all athletes in excellent physical condition. The participant must be able to evolve in semi-autonomy both by day and by night and be fully aware of the difficulty of this discipline.
However, in order for your registration to be validated for the 2500 K and 1000 K distances, the organisation will ask participants registered for these distances for references to ensure your experience.

There are a total of 5 types of bikes accepted:
– Standard (standard, compact, road)
– Tandem
– Recumbent bike
– Handcycle
– Open (different types of bikes)
Bikes must be powered by human power only.
All members of a team must use the same type of bike.
If teams use different types of bikes, they will be placed in the Open category.
The Open category is limited to the types of bikes listed above. Invitations to participate in the Open category are at the discretion of the organiser. A participant or team may request the organisation to enter the Open category. Circumstances must bring a unique perspective to the event and be consistent with the infrastructure currently in place.
Consideration will be given to participants in the Open category for an early start. All participants in the Open category must respect the time limits set. No participant will be considered as a finisher after a finish outside the time limits of the organisation.

If circumstances so require, the organiser reserves the right to modify at any time the course, start times, time barriers, the position of refreshment and aid stations, and any other aspect related to the smooth running of the event.
In the event of force majeure, very unfavourable weather conditions or any other circumstance endangering the safety of competitors, the organisation reserves the right to :
– postpone the start by a maximum of a few hours
– modify the time limits
– cancel the event
– neutralise the event
– stop the event in progress
– Change the course
If the event is cancelled for reasons beyond our control as organisers (e.g. Covid restrictions, force majeure), runners will be offered various options by the organisers (postponement, transfer, partial refund) which will be confirmed in due course.

From 1 March 2022, access to a drive will be provided to all participants. It includes all the elements necessary for the preparation of the event. Rules, GPX track, and practical information such as the time limits, the locations of the “life bases” as well as the access places for the accompanying persons.

The Ride Eat Sleep & Share association has taken out civil liability insurance for the duration of the RACE ACROSS FRANCE® event.

The participant is fully aware that Ultra Distance Cycling is an extremely dangerous sport.
The participant is fully aware that he/she may be confronted with climatic conditions (rain, heat, cold, storms).
The participant is fully aware that the safety of the participant in such an event depends solely on his/her ability to adapt to the problems encountered.
The participant is fully aware that the role of the organiser is not to help or assist him/her in dealing with problems, even in the event of technical, physical or mental problems.
By registering, the participant accepts without reservation and irrevocably all the extreme risks of the event, in particular the risk of an accident that could even lead to the death of the participant, and to bear sole responsibility for any type of damage that he/she may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the event.
The participant thus accepts to participate in the race at his/her own risk.
By accepting all the risks of this particularly dangerous event, the participant accepts, with full knowledge of the facts and the possible consequences, to discharge the entire responsibility of the organiser in tort and/or contract for any damage that he/she may suffer as a result of the event and its organisation, and therefore waives all recourse against the organiser.
The present article constitutes a substantial element of the participant’s acceptance to compete in RACE ACROSS FRANCE® and more generally in the events organised by the Ride Eat Sleep & Share association and of the organiser’s acceptance to validate the registration of the said participant.

In return, the participant agrees to :
– Be present at the pre-race briefing/meeting and official ceremonies to which they are invited
– Be present at the prize-giving ceremonies if they are involved
– Agree to wear a GPS beacon provided by the organisation at the start of the race, for the duration of the race; then return this beacon at the end of their race by their own means and assume the cost of this beacon if it is destroyed, lost or damaged.
– Be present at the start area at least 20 minutes before the participant’s departure.
– Accept and respect the rules of the event
– Accept any decision of the organisation and the regulators
– Show goodwill towards the participants and the organisation.
– To have taken out and be insured by a “Damage accident” insurance policy for the duration of the event

Any cancellation of registration must be made by e-mail to or directly in the runner’s area to activate the refund if cancellation insurance was taken out at registration.
No cancellations will be accepted by telephone.
The reimbursement of the fees paid at registration will be made by a partial re-credit of the payment to the bank account associated with the bank card used at registration, under the following conditions.
Registration is nominative. It is not permitted to transfer your registration to another race or to another person for any reason whatsoever.
If you are unable to participate in the event, the following refund policy will apply:
– From the opening of registration to 6 months before the event: 100% refund minus administration fee
– From 6 months to 4 months before the event: 80% of the refund minus the administration fee
– From 4 months to 2 months before the date of the event: 40% of the reimbursement minus administrative costs
– From 2 months to 1 month before the date of the event: 20% of the reimbursement minus administrative costs
– From 1 month to the date of the event: 0% of the refund
Administrative fee: 30€.
Any person may, at the time of registration, take out a cancellation guarantee at an additional cost proportional to the cost of the event to which the participant wishes to commit, guaranteeing 100% reimbursement in the event of cancellation up to 72 hours before the start.
The purpose of the guarantee is to allow the full reimbursement of the costs incurred for the registration in the event that a runner asks to cancel his registration without any reason.

The organiser reserves the right to cancel the race or to change the start date of the race no later than 15 days before the scheduled start date.
The participant accepts without reservation and irrevocably this right to cancel or modify the date of the race, so that his registration has been made in full knowledge of the facts.
The participant accepts without reservation and irrevocably this right of cancellation or modification of the date of the event, so that his registration has been made with full knowledge of the facts.
The participant waives the right to hold the organiser liable in the event of cancellation of the event or modification of its date or to request the payment of any compensation in this respect.
In the event of force majeure (in particular, bad weather conditions, safety problems), the organiser reserves the right to stop the event in progress or to modify the course.
In the event of a change in the date of the race, in particular for weather reasons, the registration fee will not be refunded to the participant if he/she decides not to participate in the race for which he/she was registered.
The organiser reserves the right to change the race route and checkpoint locations at any time.

The entry fee includes in addition to your registration and access to the event
– 24-hour hotline during the event
– 24 hour emergency number during the event
– 24 hour doctor’s referral during the event
– A GPS beacon to locate you
– Alert button on GPS
– Control of your equipment for your safety
– Pre-race meeting
– 24/24 presence at the Base de Vie
– A team of super volunteers
– A team of regulators on the course
– Safety vans
– Goodies from partners
– GPX track (unmarked course)
– The official cap
– A helmet sticker
– A frame sticker
– A frame sticker with your name on it
– Promotional codes from our partners
Services included
– Partner refreshment points at the finish line and base of operations
– Personalized welcome
– Drop off and pick up of bags at the base of life and finish
– GPX file of the course
– Paella Party
– Website
– Live tracking application
– Professional photographers
– Professional videographers
– Community management
– Live during the event
– Pre-race press conference
– Weekly summary
– Medal
– Trophy for the podiums
– Finisher Tee Shirt
– Personalized diploma
– A great personal satisfaction
– Memories for life
– Our eternal gratitude and that of your loved ones
Does not include
– Search and repatriation insurance in case of accident
– Accommodation
– Assistance vehicle
– Assistance team
– The sending of the relief bags in case of abandonment
The registration is nominative. It is not allowed to transfer the registration to another distance or category or to another person for any reason whatsoever.

The participant can transfer his registration until 45 days before the start to another distance or format for a transfer fee of 30 EUR. If the participant transfers from a higher priced race to a lower priced race, the difference will not be refunded to the athlete. If an athlete moves from a cheaper race to a more expensive race, the athlete will have to pay the difference in addition to the transfer fee. A transfer within a full distance (if the organisation has decided to limit entries) is not possible. A participant can only transfer his entry once.

If the participant wishes to transfer less than 45 days before the start of the race for which he/she has registered, the participant can transfer up to 15 days before the start of the race by paying a transfer fee of 50 EUR to the Ride Eat Sleep & Share association. If the participant transfers from a higher priced race to a lower priced race, the difference will not be refunded to the athlete. If an athlete transfers from a lower priced race to a higher priced race, the athlete will have to pay the difference in addition to the transfer fee. A transfer within a complete event is not possible. A participant may only transfer once.


  • Approved helmet (CE STANDARDS)
  • Front bike light *
  • Front helmet light *
  • Rear bike light x2 *
  • High visibility waistcoat or visibility harness
  • Gps meter with downloaded route in one or more segments
  • Reflective strips ****

*With batteries or spare battery for each light

**Multi tools / 2 chambers / 3 tyre changers / Pump / Patches and glue)

***It is possible to use the same pair of glasses if they are suitable for both sun and bad weather (case of glasses with photochromic lens)

**** Rear stay / front fork – Offered by our partner The Beam


  • Mobile phone *****
  • Survival blanket x2 (1,40m x 2m )

***** (put the organisation’s security numbers in your phone book, keep your phone on, don’t hide your number and don’t forget to leave with a charged battery)


  • Water reserve minimum 1 litre
  • Food reserve (Recommendation: 400kcal)



  • Jacket to withstand bad weather (especially in the mountains) type Gore-Tex

For reasons of safety and the smooth running of each event, the organisation recommends the following equipment:
It is important to note that the equipment should be adapted to your own abilities.
In particular, you should not choose the lightest possible clothing in order to save a few grams, but prefer clothing that really provides good protection against the cold, wind and snow, and therefore better safety and performance.

– Bivy duvet
– Inflatable mattress
– Inflatable Pillow
– Padlock
– Helmet
– Passport
– Reflective strips
– Survival blankets
– Toothbrush
– Toothpaste
– Lip balm
– Paracetamol
– Sunscreen
– Tape
– Disinfectant gel
– Compeed
– Wipes
– Power bank
– Rear derailleur charger
– Smartphone cable
– Cable Meter
– Headphone cable
– Electrical socket
– Small multi-function knife
– Multi-function knife
– American Scotch tape
– Rilsan collars
– Smartphone quad lock
– Plastic pockets
– Sail straps
– Front light
– Rear light
– Front light
– Brake pad x1 set
– 2 water bottles minimum with a total volume of 1.5 litres.
– Some change
– Multi tools
– 2 chambers
– 3 tyre changers
– Pump
– Patches and glue
– 3 spokes
– Chain oil
Warm clothing
– Down jacket (short sleeves)
– Long sleeve jersey (long sleeve merino jersey)
– Sleeves
– leggings
– Choker
– Winter gloves
– Spikes
– Cap
– Goggles
– Base layer long
– Base layer short
– Rain jacket
– Gore tex jacket
– Rain trousers
Summer clothing
– short shorts
– short jerseys
– socks
– Summer undershirt
It is important for your safety to focus on clear and visible clothing.

CONTROL the follow-up vehicle. Motorhomes and campervans will not be able to follow the entire route and will have to use a “second route” on certain sections, which will be communicated by the organisation on the day of registration.
– Discharge of waste water in an unauthorised area is grounds for disqualification.

All vehicles participating in the event must undergo an inspection.
Media vehicles may provide support if required. However, they may not be used as support vehicles. Media vehicles and drivers must be inspected and must follow all rules.

The following applies to the operation of support vehicles:
– All tracking vehicles must use approved headlights.
– The following applies to the operation of assistance vehicles: All assistance vehicles must use approved headlights.
– Must not block or impede the progress of another participant or support vehicle.
– Must travel at the speed of traffic and not follow the participant.
– Must not overtake the participant more than four times per hour, except in the case of leapfrog support.
– Do not ride or block private driveways of residences without permission.
– Do not stop on the road. When stopping, support vehicles must park in a safe place that does not disturb traffic. If a follow-up vehicle breaks down, the assistance team must immediately notify the organisation HQ, indicating the location of the participant and the distance travelled.

The participant grants the organiser the right to use his image directly or in derivative form throughout the world and expressly waives his right to use his image during the event, as well as any recourse against the organiser and its approved partners for the use made of his image.
Only the organisation can transmit this right to the image to any media, via an accreditation or an adapted licence.
Race Across France is a legally registered trademark. Any communication about the event or use of images of the event must respect the name of the event, the registered trademarks and with the official agreement of the organisation.

The Ride Eat Sleep & Share association is the owner of the exploitation rights of the event it organises under the legally registered brand name RACE ACROSS FRANCE. All still or filmed images of the event are therefore the exclusive property of the organiser. Any communication about the event or the use of the event in any form or medium whatsoever must respect the name of the event, the registered trademark and with the express agreement of the organiser.
Any commercial use of the name and/or images of the event can only be made after a written agreement resulting from a written and detailed request.

Any dispute arising from or in connection with the RACE ACROSS FRANCE event shall be submitted exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, in accordance with the Code of Sports-related Arbitration.

According to our ethical charter, any ostentatious display of political and/or religious messages or images during the event is prohibited.

According to the French law of 6 August 1978 on data processing and freedom, and in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD EU 2016/679), all competitors have the right to access and rectify data concerning them.
The information is collected within the framework of a registration to one of the races of the Ride Eat Sleep & Share association for the needs of the organization, and in particular that of identifying each competitor individually in order to communicate to him before, during or after the race.

All the data of the rider is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable at each registration, corresponding to the legal period of conservation of the medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of Ultra Distance cycling. After these 10 years, and unless the rider gives explicit permission, all data is deleted except for name, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality in order to maintain the rankings.
Any request to modify data can be made:
1. By mail to the following address
The Ride Eat Sleep & Share Association
11 Rue Childebert 69002 Lyon
2. By email to the following address:
Any request for access or modification of personal data will be processed as soon as possible after receipt of the request, within a maximum period of 1 month.

According to the French law on data processing and freedom of 6 August 1978, you have the right to access and rectify all information concerning you. This information is only used within the organisation and concerns technical data such as your e-mail. The organisation will not use your data for any other purpose. In accordance with the law, each runner has the right to access and rectify his or her personal data. To do so, please send us an e-mail mentioning your name, first name and race number.


Devenir bénévole

Départ, check-points, arrivée. Nous avons besoin de vous et nos coureurs plus encore, de votre enthousiasme, de votre passion. En retour, nous vous invitons à vivre une aventure extraordinaire, à partager des moments uniques, faits de rencontres singulières. Toute la beauté et la magie que nous procure le vélo