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American inspiration. Ultra-cycling was born in 1982 on the other side of the Atlantic with the creation of Race Across America considered the toughest cycling race in the World. Competitors cross the continent from West to East covering 5,000 km.

Race Across France has become in 4 years a reference in the country and in Europe which gave birth to the Tour de France. To pay tribute to its American big sister and create a bridge of friendship between our two countries, Race Across France invites cyclists to take on a fabulous 2,500 km challenge, set in locations honouring the memory of the most important hours of our common History.

4 distances are accessible in a single event to have the possibility of discovering, of challenging oneself but also of surpassing oneself. The route crisscrosses France, passing by Mont St Michel, the chateaux of Chambord, the Alps and the most important places for cycling, the Ventoux, the Verdon …

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In 2015, Arnaud set off on the terrible and fascinating Race Across America (RAAM), a 4,833 kilometre race, from one coast to the other, only accessible to an extra-ordinary elite and requiring physical and mental preparation of Herculean dimensions. To this day, Arnaud is the fastest French cyclist of this race. He spoke of this adventure, his struggles, his doubts, the details which made all the difference, how he explored the limits of stamina. Thus was born the idea of Race Across France: a will to share experiences with other enthusiasts as well as a desire to reveal all the beauties of France to ultra- cyclists from all around the World.

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